an email address for busy professionals
For E-commerce.
Offers 24/7 customer support to handle FAQs, shipping, product recommendations and discovery.
For Coaches.
Streamline pre-coaching assessments, and follow-up communications so you can focus on transformation, not admin.
For Fintechs and Banks.
Significantly reduce customer service queues while enhancing customer loyalty and relationships.
For Travel Agencies.
Handle initial travel inquiries, visa consultations and free your team to focus on crafting unique experiences.
For HR and CV Agencies.
Instantly review resumes, sifts through applications and sorts candidates automatically to setup top-notch interviews.
For Marketers.
Automate lead qualification and follow-ups, so your sales reps can focus on closing deals and building customer relationships.
Why Wootiv was born

Start small, Grow small

We're second time founders who faced a dilemma as our previous businesses grew; “The demand for our personal attention grew”. However hiring & mentorships only created a new set of complexities.

That's why Wootiv was born—a single hub for all your business interactions. It's like having a digital twin who understands your business priorities an executes it, so you never have to compromise the quality of service as you scale.With Wootiv, you start small, grow small, but make a big impact—without neglecting the rest of your life. It's the balance every entrepreneur needs but seldom finds.


4 out of 5 stars